• Biography

    Growing up in India, Mexico, Bolivia, Germany, and the US, I observed from a young age how human-driven climate change affects vulnerable populations, especially poor coastal communities. Initially, I aimed to address this inequity through the study and conservation of coastal ecosystems. I have since turned from studying how climate impacts these systems to how these systems might be leveraged to help combat larger-scale climate change. In particular, I am researching the potential for marine micro-algae as sustainable food, biofuels, and negative emissions. I am also actively engaged with environmental justice efforts and serve on the board of an international educational nonprofit, the Telluride Association.

  • Where I've Worked

    My experience-set draws on science, policy, activism, technology, and the diverse people and organizations I've had the privilege of working with.

    Cornell University,

    Dept. of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

    Peace Rising: Solutions at the Climate-Conflict Nexus

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

    The Telluride Association

    WE ACT for Environmental Justice

    See my CV for more details

  • Selected Projects

    "Our species needs, and deserves, a citizenry with minds wide awake and a basic understanding of how the world works."

    - Carl Sagan

    Launched storytelling project at the climate-conflict nexus


    Attended the UN Conference of Parties (COP23)


    Represented Cornell University at the 2017 Conference of Parties in Bonn, Germany. As I began to realize the need for large-scale drawdown solutions, my career path shifted. I have since turned my attention from studying how climate change affects the ocean to how ocean processes can be leveraged to fight climate change.  

    Founded the Millennial Voices Project


    Recognizing a need for youth environmental leadership, the Millennial Voices Project is a multimedia platform for collaborative change-making between rising scientists, scholars, activists, and policymakers. We aim to provide innovative, interdisciplinary discussion of and solutions to environmental challenges through scientific, political and socioeconomic lenses.

    Led the Telluride Association Alumni Development & Support Weekend


    "Telluride Association is a nonprofit organization that creates and fosters educational communities that teach leadership and service through democratic participation. Our educational programs, offered at no cost to their participants, prepare promising individuals—through intellectual inquiry, democratic self-government, and meaningful work—to define and discharge their obligations to humanity by developing the skills, knowledge, and strength of character necessary to do so." https://www.tellurideassociation.org/

  • Media Recommendations

    Inspirations, ruminations.

    Chasing Coral

    A NETFLIX Original Documentary

    "I finally understand why you're studying corals," my mother said. The whole family was in our living room, tissues being passed around. Besides beautifully capturing one of the most magnificent ecosystems, Chasing Coral is a clear and compelling call to action. I strongly recommend this film to informed and lay audiences alike.


    A Novel by Daniel Quinn

    When did the Anthropocene begin? What history explains humanity's ravenous demand for natural resources? Are we governed by ecological laws of competition, natural selection, and environmental change? This book tackles a century+ worth of philosophical thinking on these and related questions, and is a must-read for anyone who plans to call Earth home for their lifetime.

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